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Hi, I'm AJ Carter


Spoti Stats


Users listen to their music on Spotify but have to wait till the end of the year for Spotify Wrapped to view their listening trends.


Used the Spotify API to pull user listening data and the Django framework to create a web app where users can check listening trends all year round.


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I'm interested in learning about how technologies and social media platforms can be leveraged to create positive impacts in people's lives. I am currently on the Life Transitions and Social Media Project at the U-M School of Information. My research interests are LGBTQ+, social media, human-computer interaction, and sociocultural anthropology.

I am co-authored on "The Language of LGBTQ+ Minority Stress Experiences on Social Media" paper. As a second author, "The Major Life Events Taxonomy: Social Readjustment, Social Media Behavior, and Online Network Separation During Times of Life Transition" is currently under review.


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